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Does he find me attractive? PDF Print
Written by Kelly1991   

this boy keeps looking at me and staring at me. He trys to get up close to me, his touched me on my back, his done everything you've said thrust of the chest and feet pointing towards me. Does this mean he finds me attractive.

Sam's Reply

From what you say these are all signs that he finds you attractive. If it was just one of these signals in isolation, then it maybe more doubtful. But all of those signals together make it conclusive. Men very rarely touch women they don't find attractive, and would you touch a man you don't find attractive? Probably not.

Whether he fancies you for sex or actually wants a long term relationship I don't know. Because you do not give me any indication of how long you have known him, how old he is and what his personality is like.

Kelly1991 Reply on 24.01.06

he's a lot older than me properly in his late 20s.His personality is very weird he shows off alot in front of me and trys to make me jealous in front of me, he keeps saying yo and sehr gut in french in front of me as well and he is sometimes nasty to me or my friends. ive known him for 17 months

Sam' Reply

Showing off is a common thing done by men, when they fancy women. They want to stand out from the crowd and make you notice them. They want to seem vibrant and full of life to entertain you. He's probably heard the phrase "Treat them mean to keep them keen". Basically it is a man's theory that women like bad boys. By being nasty to you, he is either pretending he is a bad boy or trying to make you think you are not that valuable, so he can risk being nasty to you and easily find someone else.

Kelly1991 Reply on 25.01.06

why do men always go for younger girls do they just want them for sex

Sam's Reply

It is about what men find attractive. Men find women who look fertile attractive. Women who look fertile have certain shaped hips and waist. Women who look fertile are obviously young, the older a woman gets, the more infertile she is likely to be. So it is all about fertility. It may also be about showing off to his friends, that he has got a super beautiful girlfriend.

But in general you can't say that men who go for young women just want sex. Men who want to settle down and have a family will inevitably go for young women, who are more likely to produce healthy children.

In fact men who just want sex with no relationship, will not be that fussy and will go for older women as well as younger women.  Or the best looking women they are capable of getting their hands on to have sex with and if that means the best they can do is older women, then they will opt for older women.

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