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1) Does he fancy you?
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Item Title Author
If I wasnt married things would have been different between us confused
I feel like he is being sneaky and telling his girlfriend a half truth michelle
Do you think itís odd and he will see me as a stalker? rose01
Knowing that Chris is interested in me, could i be right that chris said something to warn sam off Tinytott
Is there one specific way a guy will touch or look at a girl that can make a conclusive difference mary
He's rougher then me and is more popular so we probably wouldn't suit Lozza
I wonder whether he just sees me as a friend that he wants to protect jennyd
Is he really interested or are we friends janna
I dont know what the hell is going on but i cant wait anymore i dont think his serious? DontKnowAnyMore
He'd send me emails on a Friday just before work finishes rather than at the beginning Tough Nut to Crack
Why do men stare at women they dont know? kimmy
He started to be nervous whenever they interact, going red and fidgeting and stammering merlot
He keeps talking about his YOUNGER wife backhand
He asked me if im single or have a partner what is his motive? misty
We have been texted even more at work since that happened and he's opening up to me even more Babyface
There is a boy in my tutor who i really like, but he is massively more popular than me drama queen
He always mocks me, in a nice way that makes me laugh when I stumble or screw up he laughs Cherry1302
Later he asked my friend if i was ok as i dont seem my usual cheerful self mickimoo
When he talks to me, he blushes all the time, drinks water and tries to take pictures of me TrimmTrabb
Why is he blushing, is it a bad thing or a good sign? jules
Another speed dating event LittleMissCurious
He stopped talking to me after I said no to sex Smdh
I'm not sure if interested in me or not caz2118
Do you think I will put him off me? MissySea
I'm not sure how 2 take his compliment Debree
Should I just bite the bullet and ask him out? Russia
I feel there's something between us, but he's too scared to make a move Forever58
I gave him my number but never heard from him Forever58
When a man is sensitive to her feelings is that a sign of his romantic interest? Bothered
Do married men behave differently toward women when they're in groups versus alone? Yantra
Do you think i should touch him first? Gwyn
Are my feelings mutual or am I seeing things the wrong way? OnlytheLonely
Should I assume heís just too dumb to get my hints and just ask him out? Babyface
Is he the right guy? peyu
How do i attract the attention of a very nice but very introverted guy? Blackberries
Am i reading too much into his flirting? Lauren
So, does he really like me? Also is it normal to be nervous? Happygirl
Should I be bothered by guys who are attracted to my ďinnocentĒ quality? Confused
Would a guy find a woman in her 30s more attractive if he finds out she's been with only one man? Bo
What am I doing wrong to attract men? LittleMissCurious
Is he interested? Sabrina
Not sure how to face him when I get back to work Confusedsole
Iím feeling a bit torn about his reasons for sharing such personal information. Zola
Any theories on why the "boss" stares at me? Lucyloo
Does he like me? Happygirl
Doe he like me or just want to be nice to me? dreamer
Problem with my boss Lucyloo
What does it mean when a guy only spent time with a woman in public? Confused
How do i get to be more courageous with him without scaring him off? Pez
Will he think I'm stalking him? rose01
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