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3) The Relationship
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Item Title Author
He asked to meet with me, then did not get back to me to confirm Frustrated Fran
I have no idea how to get out of this relationship, and to break ties with him Devastated
Just flirts with me to boost his confidence and does not like me at all sara
What do men think about other men that play around on there partners michelle
Can i do anything to make him realize whatever he has done with me? sherrin
He has feelings for me and he's scared to lose his job Alice
He used to be a lot friendlier but now i found out his partner is having his baby soon kiki
I told him that I had a confession: I was really getting to like him carrie
He thought I wasn't suited for a summer romance peace
The bad bit is i am attached. I am very unhappy, but don't want to cheat. jack
As he is married I am hesitant to tell him that i want him wondering
Why would a guy ask me out 17 times in 5 months when he has a serious girlfriend wonderer
My ex from years ago has been emailing, I asked him to meet up, but he hasn't Dazlin
Why would he not reply to this? has she said to much? why wont he show his emotions? confusedd
His ex announced she was pregnant, he told me he wanted to slow things down Lolly
I just didnt think men were into texting that much or does it depend on the guy? sammy
Why does he ignores certain things? Smdh
He wants to marry me and I want stability. Should women look for the bigger picture? TaraBeha
We talked some more and he said he does miss and love me but he is not ready for a relationship SimpleJewell
Do you think he only likes me as I remind him of his loving wife or does he see something else in me tuesday blue
There's this guy I'm in love with but he's older than me and married Stella
Most women seem to have the problem of men not committing, I have the opposite problem pinkhearts
Because I am unsure of his feelings, I hide mine Shootmenow
Does this sound like he is playing me? Loobyloo
I canít stand the thought of making another mistake Rochelle
How can I make sure we donít get stuck in friendship mode? Babyface
Have i really blown it with him? Kingsway
I am thinking of leaving my job because of a colleague Bianca
Is it normal for him to be moody? HappyGirl
Iím confused about why he lowers his gaze Zola
How can i get him back? Beaute
Would a he put off pursuing a relationship with me because he is not yet settled? Jellybean
I cant see why he thinks its ok to talk to each other when he ended the friendship Kimmy
Is he likely to stay away out of embarrassment? What can I do? Lady Lulu
I feel embarrassed and used by him Nancy
Why has he gone cold? Sara
Iíve got the feeling I freaked him out. fghjj
Will calling him "babe" soften my message? Amber
Why would he keep saying that if he just wants to be friends? Confused
Is he genuinely interested or is he just playing me? ConfuzzledGal
Who doesnít want to be loved? LadyLanka
Why would a man want me in his life when we never see each other? Kim
My ex boyfriend has now returned to my life Forever58
We are both too scared to tell the other person how we feel Brains&Beauty
Was I too honest too soon? Babyface
was I just a daily internet play thing for FOUR months Needtoknow
If a guy has sex with a long term friend ,does it change how he feels bout her? Margaret
Am I wasting my time on him? Milkshake
Any advice on how to turn this relationship back around? Liddy123
How do men act if they get angry? kim
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