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4) Sexual Desires

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Item Title Author
I told him I wanted to take things slow and in getting to know him I don't want sex Is it for real or fake?
Out of the blue he just starts ignoring me when I see him out he seems to look shell shocked and dis Clueless.
I can't believe I was so stupid in drink to sleep with him drunken karoake queen
If a guy is getting sexual when he txts does that mean he wants to have sex aimee
I was the one who wrote about a guy who turned down my FWB offer Chayote
I feel I made a mistake by becoming intimate with him too soon. He used to text or call me weekly sparrow
We slept together thats when he decided he had no feeling for me but friendship forever58
How much time is aceptable for a young man to date a young woman before having sex? Scarlett
I jokely called him a bitch and he txted me back come on bitch and started getting a bit dirty michelle
I yearn to experience sexual relationships with others and i can't understand why he doesn't faithless
He asked me to have sex with him which i refused sapphire22
If a guy is in a relationship will he eventually find sex with his partner boring kimmi
We ended up having sex, since then he has gone quiet and weeks have flown by redroses12
If a guy is very attracted to a girl will he show that in a physical way? esma
I turned him down but finally said yes, well four month into the relationship we had little issues Simple Jewell
He had raised eyebrows and a smile on his face, with his arms open Miss helpme
He only sleeps with me then ignores me all the other times Steffyweffy18
My male friend told me he was getting turned on, then he told me he was joking kitty
Men dribble over me, and just want sex Smdh
When I say no to sex, they run. Smdh
Could i be wrong in regards to his intentions? kalsgurl
My boyfriend seems to fancy my friend Givenchy123
In what way do men think about sex? Kimmy
More news about friend's love of oral sex. Kelly
My male friend told me he likes giving oral sex to women Kelly
Did he make a comment because men just get turned on talking about sex? Kals
Can we just carry on the way we are? Sara
If he wanted sex from me as a one off, does that mean he finds me attractive? Sammy
Why has he not jumped at the chance to come over? Sara
I am really interested in my neighbour. Sara
Can a man have sex once with a female friend and not expect sex again? Sammy
Why would a guy turn down no strings attached sex? Camellia
Can men have sex without any emotional attachment? Confused
I'm married, but this guy at work EMAILS EVERYDAY to tell me i am so beautiful Ruby Tuesday
I think heís shy, but I donít want to make the first move Getting The Juice
Why would a man would suddenly knock a woman back for no strings sex after initially being very keen MissMarrielle
If I had sex with a male friend would he expect more from me? Amy
How often do men think about sex? Kiki
Why Do So Many Footballers Marry Tarty Looking Women? Donny
Will Emailing Photo of Topless Model Make Him Think of Me That Way? Lizard
What does it mean when a man says he finds me sexually attractive? dress ups
We started sharing a bed. It has never led to sex or kissing or even touching Tinkerbell505
He looks very scared when it comes to having sex, and ends up just walking out of the bed tamanna
If i had sex with a male friend, would he expect us to continue sexually? amy
Would he ever want sex with her because he wants to feel loved? am wondering
What does it mean when a longterm male friend whos in a relationship talks in a sexual way? rosie
Is it normal for a guy to act in this way when they feel turned on or are most men more upfront? kiki
If a guy tells me that he and his girlfriend dont have sex like they used too. Why would he tell me? emile
My male friend told me he was getting turned on,would it be all in his mind? jamierose
Would he find that frustrating that i not interested and how would he act by me not responding amyrose
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