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How do you tell if a Guy Fancies You? PDF Print
Written by Sam   

New! Take a test to see if he fancies you

The obvious sign that he is interested in you is whether his first lines of communication is a chat up line or an attempt at humour. He is obviously trying to impress you with his wicked sense of humour, not realising that women tend to hate chat up lines and male humour. His voice will be enthusiastic and not low and depressed. Men quite often sound as though they are making a forced, instinctive comment maybe because they are nervous or because they are keen to impress you.

Signs to look out for is whether his feet are pointing towards you, this shows he is paying close attention to you and is not desperate to walk away.

Whether he remembers things about what you said 10 minutes ago, if he is repeating a question that you have already answered, then he wasn't paying attention. A good sign is if he is asking you to elaborate on what you have just said, basically asking you to disclose a bit more information. The majority of men are not particularly good at talking, so what you will be looking out for is whether he is listening to you. In general, men don't bother with conversation unless they feel they are going to get some benefit out of it. These rules are thrown out when you are in a nightclub or disco though, because you can't hear a word anyone says when there is loud music. It's close to impossible to have any form of conversation in a nightclub.

Quite a few men are so bad at talking, you will barely get any words out of him at all. This is particularly the case if he is standing in a group. However you can still look for signs even though he is not talking. He will be focused on you but will be fiddling with his tie. Instead of talking he will exaggerate his laugh, particularly if you say something remotely funny. He will touch his ear lobes to signify he is listening intensely to what you are saying. He will thrust his chest, shoulders and arms out to make himself look more manly.

The less shy men will be trying to touch you on the arm or back whenever they get the chance. Men rarely touch women unless they find them attractive.

It is possible that some men might not find you attractive at first and if he doesn't find you attractive he will not approach you. Therefore you must approach him and attract his attention. You only have to engage in some brief conversation and if that conversation goes well and progresses onto a conversation that he enjoys, he will begin to warm to you. Men like women who are warm and caring and he will be proud of the fact that you thought he was worth talking to. He will gradually move from a closed position turned away from you, folded arms and defensive, and trying to run away, to an open position pointing towards you and listening intensely.

There are things that probably happen so fast you won't notice and they include licking the lips, touching the neck and face briefly, dilated pupils. When he is talking to you he will often rotate looking at your eyes, hair and lips and depending on what you are wearing he will also look briefly at your legs and boobs. Sometimes he will mentally try his best not to look at your boobs, but his brain will not be able to resist at least a few brief glimpses.

Mirroring is a very strong bond between you both. Mirroring basically means making the same or similar movements to the other person. For example you cross your legs then he crosses his legs. There is often a delay of maybe up to a few minutes and he won't mirror everything you do but should mirror most things. It is said that if you are not mirroring what the other person does within 15 minutes then you are not really connecting. If the guy is doing the opposite to mirroring then there is obviously no connection at all. I must also point out that mirroring is not just doing exactly the same things as you, it can be similar movements. So if you swing your hands, he probably won't swing them in exactly the same way but will make a similar hand movement just after you.

Negative body language includes covering his face with his hands, tapping or fiddling violently with objects (rather than caressing an object), playing with his finger nails, looking over your shoulder at someone else, staring into open space when you are talking. Conversation wise he will be giving short and sharp answers to questions and pointing his feet away like he is trying to run away.


New! Take a test to see if he fancies you



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