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My opinion as a Friend
Copyright 2006-2011. Please note the content of this site is my opinion only. My opinion should be treated like an opinion of a friend, it could be right it could be wrong.
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Written by Sam   

In 2005 everybody was raging about blogs and people having the power to publish their own writing for free. I started to think what could I produce that was unique and nobody else would be able to copy. That is when I decided to do a blog helping women understand men. Essentially I posted my own personal thoughts on the subject because I was single and frustrated about not being able to find the right woman for myself. My aim was to help women who could equally be as frustrated as me. That aim now stretches to allowing women to vent their frustrations and give them someone to email when they can't talk to anyone else.

A posting on my blog in 2005 titled "How do you tell if a guy fancies you? " attracted over 70 replies from women asking questions about their situation. This made the blog too long. My solution was to produce this web site. The articles on my web site are NOT fact, they are my opinion. My opinion is based on what I believe is correct of the majority, but NOT all men. They are based on the attitudes of my friends and male acquaintances. Feel free to correct me and give your opinion.

My web site has never made a profit and I've kept it as a not for profit web site so far. Loads of people have suggested I should charge for my service, but I'd really like to keep the web site free and offer some select paid for services. Initially in the first year I needed to advertise the web site to attract some visitors. Thereafter news spread through the google search engine and through people recommending the web site.

In recent years many people have suggested that I should write a book. I actually started writing a book a few years ago, but time constraints from answering questions on the web site, working and personal committments have meant that I've only just finished writing the book at the end of 2010. The book has now become available at the beginning of 2011.

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