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Privacy Statement PDF Print
Written by Sam   

I regard your privacy as very important. I personally wish to remain anonymous. And I consider that my visitors should have the ability to remain anonymous.

You are encouraged to use a nickname to submit postings so that you can not be easily identified.

Where pictures are used we may censor them at your request to prevent you from being identifiable.

When submitting questions you should be clear if you don't want something publishing on the web site. The purpose of the web site is to provide information and experiences for people visiting. Therefore any questions submitted will be published unless you specify you don't want them published. I reserve the right not to reply to questions if you don't want something published, since this detracts from the purpose of the web site.

It is your responsibility to select the correct option on the form when submitting your posting, photos and videos.

However different people have different privacy requirements. Some people would like to become famous and have their postings publicly displayed. Those people will be allowed to do so.

If you have submitted a posting and wish it to be removed, please notify me straight away by e-mail. I will do my best to remove the posting as soon as possible.

When submitting forms we collect data such as the Date, time, IP address and Hostname. This data is only used to report people sending spam, viruses, hacking or abusive messages or anything deemed to be abuse of my web site or web servers.

Update by Sam on 02.09.07

There are several reasons why I request you submit a Nickname when submitting your messages to me:

1) To keep you anonymous

2) Allow you to use the nickname to identify when I've placed a reply to your posting on my web site

3) Allows you to leave your unique mark on the web site and the internet as a whole

4) Allow visitors to follow the story of users, by identifying with their nickname

5) When someone submits further messages to me, it saves that person having to tell me all the information from the first message again, because I can identify their nickname and find their past posting easily by looking for their nickname.

However it's come to my attention that in some cases some people forget they have used this nickname on this web site and then go on to use this nickname on other web sites such as myspace or bebo. This concerns me, because it means the person might unwittingly cause a breach in their own privacy by using the same nickname on my web site as they have used on a social networking web site.

As a result I offer the following options:

1) People can request me to change their nickname to something different at any time

2) People can request their article be deleted completely

3) People can request that I anonymise their article. By leaving the article on the web site but getting rid of the nickname.

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