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My opinion as a Friend
Copyright 2006-2011. Please note the content of this site is my opinion only. My opinion should be treated like an opinion of a friend, it could be right it could be wrong.
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Written by Sam   
The articles on my web site are NOT fact, they are my opinion. My opinion is based on what I believe is correct of the majority, but NOT all men. They are based on the attitudes of my friends, various male acquaintances and from studying books and articles for over 10 years. Feel free to correct me and give your opinion.

When I give out advice it is my opinion only and you should weigh up my advice. You should consider it like the advice of any other friend.  I can not be held liable for any advice given on this web site or by e-mail.

The content of this web site may not be correct, every effort is made to make it accurate.

If you think my opinion is incorrect, please let me know by contacting me by e-mail. If I think you have a valid argument then I will then post your comments, or correct my entries so as to make my content accurate.

I provide this web site free of charge and for the enjoyment of people. I can not be held liable for any damages as a result of producing this web site.

Anyone sending viruses, malware or anything that will damage mine or other people's computers/servers will be reported to the appropriate authorities and will be held fully liable for their actions.

Anyone sending threatening or abusive e-mails will be blocked from the web site and blocked from sending e-mails. In extreme cases where the abuse is of a threatening nature they will be reported to the police.

If you have submitted a posting and wish it to removed, please notify me straight away by e-mail. I will do my best to remove the posting as soon as possible. You are encouraged to use a nickname to submit postings so that you can not easily be identified. Where pictures are used we may censor them at your request to prevent you from being identifiable.

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